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Rock and Mulch Installation Services

Rock and Mulch Installation Services in Gig Harbor

A shabby and unmaintained garden or lawn is very upsetting, especially where there are a zillion new methods available to upgrade its curb appeal and improve its aesthetics. One such service is rock and mulch installation. Mulch is a covering that safeguards your plants by providing a hospitable environment in which they can happily thrive. Mulch keeps the moisture intact thus keeping your plants cool. During windy days it stops the soil from getting eroded thus maintaining the strength of your plants.

Mulch comes in varied forms and textures. Even rocks are a great mulching option. They come in various colors and sizes and can instantly upgrade the look of your landscape. They are best suited to permanent areas, for example around big trees and shrubs.

If you are looking for something natural then wood chips or pine straws can be your best bet. They are nutrient-dense and decompose over time. Organic mulch is really helpful on sunny days too, they absorb the excess heat to keep your plants cool. One great advantage organic mulch has is it generally is loaded with additives that kill weeds and hence you can rest assured your plants are safe and free from weed growth.

A great mulching option transforms your space from shabby-looking dirt patches to strikingly beautiful landscapes. Yes, you can take this as a DIY activity too but that would be time-consuming and might not result in the finish that it’s intended to. Hence, we at Narrow Landscaping highly recommend hiring professional landscapers for such jobs. They have experienced professionals and can cater to all your mulching needs in the best way possible. Contact us today to book your services.

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Professional Rock and Mulch Installation Services

If you are looking for professional advice on the best-suited mulching option for your landscape then you have landed at the right place. Our team at Narrow Landscaping has extensive experience in beautifying landscapes so they can guide you and nudge you in the best direction. We deliver and install a wide variety of quality mulching options from local providers to cater to your needs in the exact manner you want us to.

Our professionals use the latest methods and equipment to quickly and evenly distribute mulch in your preferred area no matter its size. Our blower trucks are powerful and highly effective in spreading the material to a larger area in the least amount of time. So, spend your Sunday laying around with your family, and let us handle your yard. We are trustworthy and 100% genuine with our work. So, rest easy, and let us get to work! Call us at your convenience for any query or discussion.


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